Sunday, November 23, 2014

Review HP Chromebook 14 (Snow White), Very pleased.

The previous week. I search for information on the HP Chromebook 14 (Snow White), so i would like to describe here.

HP Chromebook 14 (Snow White)

Chromebooks are a unique class of mobile computing devices designed specifically for Web-based tasks. They differ from traditional laptops in a few important ways Chromebooks run Web-based apps not traditional PC applications. Chromebooks are designed to be connected to the Internet. You can create documents and spreadsheets or edit photos on a Chromebook using Google apps designed .... Read more or Check Price

Customer Reviews Purchased this product

I bought this a few months ago when my toshiba was running too slow to keep up with schoolwork. Well I love this computer. by Hailey

I had this device since July and has become my car everyday. It took a little ' getting used to but I really like this thing and definitely buy another. by K. Anderson

Boots quickly without clumsy bloatware. Great for cloud-based applications through the web. Some conflicts with pdf and downloading files from Microsoft Word. But solved for them. by Atherton Reader

It ' a thing of beauty There is an elegance to the design the keyboard has a good solid feel to it and so far it works like clockwork. by BikeRider


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